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Five ways to urgently stop rising Youths’ protests in Nigeria —Akure Chief Imam

Oct 27, 2020



STATE OF THE NATION- Nigerians Let’s Take Caution- Imam Akorede

Worried by the current situation in our country from South to North, West to the East, am moved to remind our people that not all that knows the beginning of a war usually know the end, again it is easy to predict the beginning of a war but not easy to know when it will end.
It is heart breaking when I read about the massive destruction of both public and private properties in Lagos alone.

Those who genuinely started the protest had since returned home, it is rather unfortunate that miscreants hijacked the peaceful protest to perpetrate their neferous activities.

Our leaders I believe has gotten a lot to learn from the protest and the aftermath effect of the protest.

Our Youths should also know that much as we have the right to protest, we equally must be patient enough to get response to our request.

Those properties destroyed is a set back for our national development.
The money the Government would be spent on repairs of destroyed infrastructures would have been better channeled towards new infrastructural developments like; Health, Job creation, roads and other amenities.

It is worrisome when I went round this morning and I saw, Police stations, offices destroyed in the name of protest. If our police could down tools for just 24 hours, then we would all know how important the police are to our existence as a nation.

It is barbaric in the present civilization to be looting, to set fellow human being and properties ablaze.

While I commend the prompt action of some State Governors in responding guickly to the request of our young ones, I wish to implore Mr. President to always respond to the citizens demand whenever there is need for such.

If Mr. President had responded to the yearnings of the youths at the right time, we probably would have avoided the catastrophic after effects of the protest.

Pix: Akure chief Imam.

My submissions-

The minimum qualification for enlistment to the Nigerian police force should be National Diploma from a reputable institution.

Every new intake must pass medical mental fitness exam and must have a guarantor form his/her Community.

There should be fuel dumps and mechanic workshops at every Area Command where police patrol vans can be fuelled and repaired as at when due. If there’s any need to buy spare parts, such should be taken care of at the workshop.

With this, no policeman will have an excuse to extort to fuel their van.

Every Area Command should have a printing press where all needed investigation papers can be printed. So, no IPO will ask for statement form money from either suspects or complainants

All police officers and men should be issued 2 pairs of uniform twice a year with accoutrements and other gadgets like handcuffs and chemical mess.

All police officers and men should have access to good and conducive accommodation with appropriate amenities.

There should be a standby vehicle already fuelled which any IPO can use for invitation whenever anybody comes around to make a report so that no one will have the guts to ask any complainant who’s already in distress.


Government should make available fund for job creation.
Those willing to sets up business should be encouraged inform of grants.

With adequate availability of food, the society would be a safe place for all, am calling on the government to invest in Agriculture. You can not ban rice importations without an alternative source of getting rice to feed the populace.

Most of our industry that our economy depends on in the 80s has gone into extinction, thus the massive graduate unemployment, the government from Federal to local government should encourage industrialisation.


I implore the Federal Government to declare Education free at all levels. Most of our Youths that are being use as Political tugs are in it because of inadequate education.

Finally, the traditional rulers and religious leaders should brace up to play their roles as leaders to guide their subjects right.

it is our prayers that Allah SWT will give both the leaders and our Youths the ability to understand each other.

God bless our nation.

Sheikh Dr. AbdulHakeem Yayi Akorede
The Grand Imam of Akure

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