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Passengers stranded as plane crash was averted at Akure Airport

Oct 27, 2020

Plane crash has been averted at Akure airport, even as flights were grounded in Akure Airport, Ondo State yesterday as a crater was discovered dug on the runway on the airport.

This forced operators to stop work that made many passengers to be stranded yesterday.

The crater was allegedly dug on the runway by some unknown persons suspected to be hoodlums.

SUNSHINETRUTH gathered that the intension of the perpetrators was to cause plane crash at the airport.

The development was said to have forced the management of the airport to close the runway, preventing flight from taking off or landing in the airport.

To this end, many passengers who wanted to travel by air through the Akure Airports were unable to do so.

An airport source said officials of the airport authority discovered the crater in the night and consequently closed the runway.

Confirming the ugly development, the source said, “The hole was discovered during the early morning check by the security of the airport. We are yet to know those behind it. I think the intention of the miscreants was to cause plane crash in the airport.

“The security operatives have been invited to see the place. The government has to deploy the security agents to the airport so as not to allow the miscreants cause havoc there.”

Spokesperson of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, Henrietta Yakubu, stated that cracks were discovered on the runway during the routine checks on Monday morning.

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