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“Vibz Arena” opens for Fun Seekers, revolutionizes Entertainment in Akure

Nov 27, 2020

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Entertainment industry in Ondo state has been revolutionized by the establishment of a new centre popularly known as “Vibz Arena”, Akure.

This is part of meeting the yearnings of fun seekers in Akure, the state capital and its environs.

It is called Vibz Arena, located beside Omolere- FECA along Ado–Owo road, Akure.

In an interview with newsmen, Iwuoha Stanley , the Operational Manager of Vibz Arena said “Vibz Arena is a family hangout where they will come together to have fun and make it very entertaining for every member of the family.

It is designed in a way that the children can also have fun as well as the adults. It is more or less like a family park where everyone comes together.

We have so many facilities that can entertain people and we have different dishes such as continental and African dishes. Everything is packaged together for everyone to have fun.

We have gone round and noticed that so many families are complaining of lack of recreational centers in the akure city. We realised something of such is lacking in akure and came up with Vibz Arena to solving the aforementioned problem.

Vibz Arena is open and we have come to stay. We are ready to serve the people of Ondo State.

We have Event Hall for all kinds of events , we have adult games ,snookers, table tennis ,and so on and children section has facilities like trampoline , detached swimming pools for children . We will also be planning events for Christmas activities for children and adults.

In case anybody gets injured ,we have made provision for First Aid treatment with professional medical personnel.

Security of everyone and cars is also guaranteed and beefed up all days . We have designed it in a way that nobody comes in and embarrasses anybody.

Over 32 staff have also been employed and there are plans to employ more as we expand operations. ”


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