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Time to remodel SDP to rescue Nigeria from APC, PDP misrule —Olu Agunloye


Dec 25, 2020


A Special Message to Nigerians and Party Members

by Dr Olu Agunloye

Social Democratic Party Chieftain,

SDP National Secretariat, 16 Nairobi Street, Wuse II. Abuja.

25 December 2020

My Dear Compatriots,

At this festive season, Nigerians are faced with challenges, very grave challenges. For brevity, let us take the insecurity challenges for instance, since these always impact negatively on economic growth, peace, and progress. Let us see some of the News Headlines over the last two days.

▪️ Gunmen abduct Village Head, 15 others in Katsina, Daily Trust. 23 December 2020.

▪️ Gunmen abduct daughter of ex-Jigawa Speaker, 2 others, kill policeman. Vanguard. 23 December 2020.

▪️ Bandits kill three civilians and a policeman in Kastina-Ala, Benue State. idomavoice.com. 24 December 2020.

▪️ Kidnappers demand N50m after abducting female University student, kill one police.

▪️ Gunmen hijack Abuja bound bus in Edo. December 23 2020.

▪️ Bandits attack community in Adamawa State and kill residents. December 23 2020.

▪️ Bandits attack 17 NYSC members, kill Corps member on Abuja-Kaduna Road. News Express, 24 December 2020.

The above is only part of the score board of the rule and misrule by PDP and APC over Nigeria from 1999 to date. This shows that all is not well in our country. The people and governments of Nigeria have been under severe pressures by misrule, effects of Covid-19, and especially the recurring widespread insecurity and violent unrests.

The repercussions of these have had significant negative effects on the progress and stability of the nation. The religions are failing. The politicians are failing. The military is not primarily trained to succeed in this wise and does not have good previous records in governance.

Nigeria is in festive season and awaiting the turn of the vicious and cruel Leap Year 2020. However, this does not call for celebrations. It is time for Nigerians to have sober reflections, and to take time to think about how to develop the political will to fix Nigeria’s problems and challenges with all sincerity of purpose.

It is time for us to look forward together and work out an enduring solution together. It is time to revisit the basics and fundamentals of our union and its operations in order to change these for the better. The Nigeria’s amalgamation must be rejigged and bound by social justice, equity and fairness to survive. The bottom-line is that, by whichever nomenclature it is called, Nigeria needs to be retooled, or restructured or reengineered in a way to engender justice, equity and progress.

The new Nigeria envisaged would be driven by national competitiveness; it would leverage on massive youth development, economic emancipation for women, and be able to ensure food security, social security and economic development which would translate to improved well-beings and life more abundant for the generality of her citizens.

In addition, I wish to call on all members of our great Party, the Social Democratic Party, SDP, to come together in harmony and let all hands be on deck. Some of our leaders already put the task ahead succinctly. On 15 December 2020, Hon Ojobu wrote: _“SDP is the only political party in Nigeria for now that recognizes, believes and supports the ability of the youths in government. We just need to work together in unity to bring our dear country out of the mess. We need a real change in our country. With determination and unity of purpose, SDP can bring about this change”._

Yes. We can bring about the change. The pathway to greatness has been well spelt out. This is essentially, internal _Repairs_ within the Party which entails adhering strictly to the Party’s Manifesto and Constitution, _Reconciliation_ within the party with aggrieved or cheated members. The reconciliation move in Ondo State is a particularly good development which needs to be urgently replicated in all States and ramping up efforts on _Rebuilding_ by strengthening the Internal Administration of the Party, its Publicity and Education, leveraging on its Core Objectives and utilising strategic alliances where necessary.

I enjoin all SDP members and devoted leaders across the nation to be committed to the remodelling of the Party based on (a) Returning to the Party’s ideology rooted on principles of Social Justice; (b) Promoting massive involvement of youths and digitisation of operations leveraging on modern technologies, and (c) Getting properly organised and ready for imminent massive influx of youths and well-meaning politicians.

Fellow Nigerians, Let’s look forward together. Let’s do it together. Our Party will open its mind and gates to welcome new members especially the youths and freely empower them to take leadership roles within the Party as well as enable them to win elections, so that they can take up even greater leadership responsibilities in the Local Governments, State Governments and at the Federal levels.

We can do it. You and I must strive harder to enthrone social justice in Nigeria and to create new generation of politicians who will not surrender in the face of challenges but will rise boldly to re-strategise and reschedule priorities to save our future and that of generations. It is, therefore, time for SDP to abandon mediocre methods, and resolutely settle for a novel approach to reposition itself in order to capture power for the benefit of the people.

Compliments of the Seasons. Happy New Year in Advance.

God bless Nigeria. Long Live Nigeria.

Dr. Olu Agunloye (a former Minister of Federal Republic & SDP Bigwig)

25 December 2020.

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