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Modakeke Residents leap for Joy as World Care International Ministry Provides Borehole for them


Apr 17, 2021

Suffering of the residents of Ajape Community, Modakeke in Ife, Osun State over non availability of drinkable water has come to an end.

This follows the donation of a borehole to the community by a non-governmental organization, WORLD CARE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY.

The commissioning of the project attracted traditional ruler of the community, Chiefs in council and residents of the area.

The president, WORLD CARE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY, Dr. Olajide Animasaun, represented by Dr. Abiodun Ajayi, said the donation of the borehole became necessary following series of complaints from the residents over drinkable water.

Dr Animasaun said government cannot do it allone which is why WORLD CARE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY is doing all it could to assist the less privileged in the society.

According to him, “All water access and resources made available either by the government or a non-governmental body and ministry like ours should be protected and maintained as to enjoy the facility for the time immemorial”.

He said the borehole donated to Ajape Community made it the 5th to be provided for various communities by the organization.

The Ogunsua of Modakeke, Oba Oladejo Oyediran, Ajonbadi 111, appreciated WORLD CARE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY for the gesture.

The royal father called on other well to do individuals or organizations to emulate such.

The Chairman, Landlonds association, Mr Adeleye Tajudeen and other community leaders thanked the donor and promised good maintenance of the borehole.


Residents full of joy


I bring greetings from World Care International Ministry in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and welcome everyone of us here to this borehole commissioning ceremony here at Modakeke and pray that God will continue to guide and lead us aright in all our endeavors. I congratulate our King Oba Moses Oladejo Oyediran ( Ajonbadi III) the Ogunsua of Modakeke for his reign has ushered in another good and enviable gesture to the community and also congratulate the chiefs in council and the entire community of Modakeke for witnessing this event in their lifetime.

To the glory of God, this occasion is another mile stone in the works of our ministry with respect to our community outreach program. This borehole among others amount to the 5th borehole provided to various communities.

We all know the importance of water and such begat the saying that “ he who gives water, gives life”. It is a basic amenity that is still very lacking in our communities nationwide and even worldwide in some cases. It is my hope that government of the day will focus more on water resources and access to portable water in our homes.

I use this opportunity to call on our collective conscience to rise to the occasion of meeting the need for water and protection of water infrastructures in our communities. All water access and resources made available either by the government or a Non- governmental body and a ministry like ours should be protected and maintained as to enjoy the goods for time immemorial.

At World Care, the motto is “ Caring for the world in need”. Our mission is set to reach out through:

  1. Religious outreach – Evangelism
  2. Charitable – community and orphanage programs
  3. Promote Education
  4. Improve health outcomes
    It is in this spirit that we commission this borehole project today. This water project is dedicated to the glory of God and benefits of mankind.
    A big thanks to all at World Care that has made this project and occasion possible, courtesy of Mrs. Omobola Animasaun, Ms. Angela Jason, Dr. Abiodun Ajayi, Mr. Ade Fawolu, Mr. Ajibade Adebo and others as to mention a few.

Let us continue in the spirit of doing good within our confines and don’t relent, God sees and knows and will reward such in due time.
It is my pleasure to have all of us here today and thanks for honoring our invitation.

Congratulations once again to our king the Ogunsua of Modakeke Oba Oladejo Oyediran, Ajonbadi III , the chiefs in council and the entire community and pray that good things will continue to find home in Modakeke.


Dr. Olajide Animasaun
President-World Care International Ministry

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