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Man goes mad after prolonged fasting and praying


Dec 29, 2018

A middle-aged man has gone mad after embarking on 14 days dry fasting and praying.

The man whose identity could not be ascertained as at press time was said to have been married with five children.

He was said to be returning from the church where he carried out the fasting and praying when starting behaving abnormally.

Witnesses said he demanded for a plate of fufu and meat but started making incoherent statements saying he wants to kill himself.

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Several efforts by sympathizers to make the man go home were resisted as he rushed to lie down on the busy Upper Sokponba road.

The pastor of the church where he carried out the fasting came to the scene but refused to give his name.

He simply advised the people to allow the man rest and eat.

A former member of the church who pleaded anonymity said she left the church because of the manners members were subjected to hunger in the name of fasting.

Source: The Nation

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