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Jegede’s dream of unseating Akeredolu laughable —APC

Dec 23, 2020

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APC Confident The Tribunal will Revalidate The Peoples Mandate for Akeredolu As Governor – Ondo APC.

The recent insinuation by Mr Eyitayo Jegede that he will reclaim the Ondo State governorship election mandate given to governor Oluwatotimi Akeredolu, SAN, at the election petition tribunal is laughable as it reflects the embodiment of ignorance on his part.

The mandate given to governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu at the said poll was the true position of acceptance of the man Aketi and APC in his first term in office by the people which can be seen as the true reflection of things in the state today.

In simple terms, the people of Ondo State has, freely, chosen between APC and other political parties in the state.

Therefore, for Mr Jegede who was strongly rejected at the said election to be hopeful of reclaiming the said mandate at a court of law is subject to wishful thinking.

Mr Eyitayo Jegede, SAN, and the PDP should continue to tell their fairy tales about how they wish the outcome of the Tribunal verdict would be, but the good news is that they can not be the judge in their own case.

We have absolute confidence in our judicial process and we know that the men and women in charge are people of integrity who will, dispassionately, dispense justice as it should be in tandem with the facts and figures before them.

Mr Eyitayo Jegede knew he lost the election, but he is only trying to save face by going to court. In doing that he premeditates to employ certain abracadabra of law to steal the people’s mandate from the rightful owner. However, just as he failed at the poll, he will also fail at the Tribunal.

In order to instill false confidence in his supporters, Jegede said that, “The APC in the state is jittery and we shall take over soon.”

The APC as a political party has belief in God and the people that good will always triumph over evil. Our strong advise to him is to be wary of PDP party members who will goad him on so as to feed fat on him, but later desert him when his resources are depleted.

APC as a vibrant political party in the state is solidly confident that the will of the people who gave us the overwhelming spread victory of 15 LG over Jegede’s only home based 3 LG will prevail at the end of the day.


Steve Otaloro

Director, Media & Publicity

APC, Ondo State.

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