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Guber poll: APC leading in Kebbi

Mar 10, 2019

According to the results released by the Collation Officers for the Kebbi governorship and state house of assembly election at the INEC Collation centre in Birinin Kebbi.

19 out of the 21 local government that was announced the results indicates that APC is leading.

in Aliero local government APC scored : 21,923 while Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) scored :3,479 votes
in Kalgo local government, APC scored : 21,899 and PDP scored :805 votes
in Ngaski Local government, APC scored : 20,817 and PDP scored : 5516 votes
In Sakaba local government, APC scored : 19182,and PDP 1,746 votes

in Shanga local government, APC scored : 27,012 and PDP scored:3,506 votes
in Bagudo local government, APC scored : 41,556 and PDP scored :2,581 votes

In Augue local government APC scored :28,479 and PDP scored : 11,875
In Jega local government APC scored: 53,807 and PDP scored 1,774 votes
in koko Besse Local government, APC scored: 31,392 and PDP scored :1,216 votes
in Maiyama local government, APC scored : 40,217 and PDP scored :1,477 votes

In Argungu local government APC scored: 30,101 and PDP scored :23,397 votes
in Birinin Kebbi local government APC scored: 79,092 and PDP scored : 6,010 votes.

in Fakai Local government APC scored:14,722 while PDP scored : 3,729 votes
in Danko wasagu local government APC scored: 29,625 and PDP scored : 4,609 votes
in Zuru local government, APC scored : 25,507 and PDP scored: 4,578 votes
in Bunza local government APC scored : 23,980 and PDP scored : 2114 votes.
in Dandi local government APC scored : 33,315 and PDP scored :5,929 votes
In Gwandu Local government APC scored: 30,720 and PDP scored : 4,526 votes.
In Suru local government APC scored : 39,359 and PDP scored :5,198 votes

The remaining two local government is still been awaited, the collection centre will resume by 5pm today.

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