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COVID-19: We’ll sanction any school that reopens in Ondo —Govt

Sep 23, 2020



Ondo State Government says it has not directed or permitted the re-opening of primary and tertiary institutions, public or private, in the state while Secondary Schools have been permitted to open for only SSS 3 and Junior Secondary School Class 3.

This directive is in line with its objective of strengthening public safety, protecting the lives of residents and further mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

All school authorities – both public and private – are enjoined to comply fully with the government’s directive and not to reopen schools until the state government expressly permits such.

The Chairman of inter- Ministerial Committee on Covid19, Professor Adesegun Fatusi who made the plea in Akure, noted that the Government is very keen to see students return to classes, but in a safe, serene and secured environment.

He noted that the government would not tolerate any illegal act of re-opening schools contrary to the government’s directive.

He encouraged parents to ensure that their children and ward continue to stay at home until the government directs otherwise.

The Don pleaded for the understanding and full cooperation of all stakeholders as government’s efforts are in the best interest of the people and aimed at ensuring the health safety of its citizens.

He further implored all groups and individuals to continue to observe all safety measures against COVID-19 – constant and proper use of face masks, regular handwashing/use of hand sanitisers, and social distancing – in the interest of their own health and that of their loved ones.

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