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BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Mrs Akeredolu’s Aide, Fademi Fetes inmates of Correctional home


Jul 3, 2021

By Ngozi Aduloju

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media, Ms. Oluwatobi Fademi yesterday, July 2nd visited children at the Ondo State Correctional Home as part of activities marking her birthday celebration.

The initiative was a major highlight of the celebration tailored towards encouraging the children not to feel that the society has condemned them and to rise above societal judgment to attain their dreams in life.

Ms. Fademi who said she has always been involved in such gestures right from her university days admonished the children to study hard and grow above their temporary limitations just as she affirmed that those who have made it in life were people who fought hard to make it despite their challenges.

“You must rise above this place and believe in yourself and in your God. The only way up is for you to study hard and by taking one step at a time, you will achieve and be on your way to greatness”, she added saying if they fail to motivate themselves and be determined, the society will ruin them.

On what motivated her to kick start the gesture, Ms. Fademi said she was motivated by Ondo First Lady, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu- Akeredolu’s exemplary leadership in terms of her commitment to humanitarian causes as exemplified by her various initiatives like the BEMORE Empowered Foundation, BRECAN, BAAF, Ondo Widow’s Care Initiative among others.

“I recall that Her Excellency also visited this Correctional Home to donate cooking kits like gas cylinders, mattresses among others to ensure that the children are adequately catered for”, she added.

The children were later treated to sumptuous meals, drinks just as they had ample time to dance with the celebrant.

The event also featured career choice session and as well the cutting of the birthday cake by the celebrant and donation on behalf of Oluwatobi Omosalewa Foundation to the Home

In his remarks, the warden, Mr. Jesutola Olabode while thanking the celebrant for visiting the children also used the opportunity to pray God to bless her.

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