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Akeredolu, HoS, workers hold 1st working day prayer amidst mourning


Jan 3, 2021


The special 1st working day prayer session with Governor Oluwarotimi AKEREDOLU SAN holds tomorrow 4th January 2021 by 8am.

As customary, all workers of Ondo State and political office holders are expected to attend in order to dedicate all activities of Government in the new year to God almighty.

The venue is the Open Courtyard behind the Governor’s office complex. Time is 8am.

However, in honour of all members of Government who died in active service in the last one year, all attendees are requested to adorn their dressing with black arm band or conspicuous tinge of black, reflecting soberness and mourning.

All Political appointees and public servants are requested to give this information the widest publicity.

Dare Aragbaiye

Head of Civil Service

Ondo State.

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