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2020 guber polls: We’ve uncovered buying of PVCs by Ondo govt —PDP

Sep 2, 2020

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Cash For Okada Riders PVCs: It Is Your Money, Take It.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo state, has on good authority that the APC led (Ondo state) government is inviting Motorcycle operators (Okada riders) in the state to the Government House to submit their PVCs in exchange for monetary gain.

We wish to remind the Motorcycle operators that such development is only aimed at further impoverishing and denying them of their social responsibility.

We urge the Okada riders and other residents of the State who are being enticed to submit their PVCs for financial inducement, to be vigilant and use their votes to advance development in the State.

The PDP believes that such financial inducement in exchange for their PVCs is illegal. We cannot discourage them from collecting the money as it is ‘their money.’

Such monies ordinarily should be used for the development of the State but the failed government felt that using it for financial inducement is the best thing to do at this time.

We appeal to the people who are being enticed with this Greek gift to collect it willingly and use their PVCs genuinely to send out the APC led government from Alagbaka on October 10.

Kennedy Ikantu Peretei

Publicity Secretary, PDP, Ondo State.

1st September, 2020.

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