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Traditional rulers in Ondo State Commend Gov Akeredolu on Improved Security

Apr 21, 2023

***Iralepo of Isinkan Urges Monarchs to Mobilize Subjects for National Population Census

Members of 130 Krown Obas in Ondo State have commended the state governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for his giant strides at ensuring peace in the state.

Rising from their meeting held at the palace of Iralepo of Isinkan, Oba Oluwagbemiga Ajimokunola Olofin-Adimula (Arulewolasi III), the Monarchs said the introduction of Amotekun to the security architecture has paid off.

Addressing Journalists after their closed door meeting, the President of the Obas and Molokun of Atijere, Oba Samuel Adeoye said adequate funding of the Amotekun corps excites the traditional rulers.

“We commend efforts of governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN for ensuring the safety of residents of the state, amongst the southwest governors, Akeredolu has fully funded the Amotekun Corps as a way of safeguarding lives and Property.”

The Issue of unemployment rate among the youth was equally discussed, and the need for the government and the traditional leaders to collaborate in assisting the youth in society thrive in terms of providing more vocational center to help them become self reliant was emphasized.

The meeting was to discuss general Safety and welfare of Obas, happenings in the Country as well as Ondo state.

The Iralepo of Isinkan, Oba Oluwagbemiga Ajimokunola Olofin-Adimula while welcoming the Obas said the community was happy to host them.

“I am highly delighted and honored to have our Royal Fathers with us today in Isinkan – the World’s Primordial Holy Land and the land of peace and prosperity.”

“This meeting could not have come at a better time than now and I heartily welcome you.”

“Please permit me to brief you a little about Isinkan, your host community for this meeting.”

“By the grace of God, I am the 94th Iralepo of Isinkan kingdom. Isinkan has had three (3) reignal dynasties, namely: the Obara Sky God dynasty, the Oroko or Oluroko dynasty and the Ora or Oralopo dynasty. I am of the Oralopo dynasty.”

“According to our oral history, Isinkan is the land where the first altar to the Supreme Being was consecrated by Obara, our primordial ancestor, and his female companion Oshorun. This is why our land is Usikan (one altar to the Supreme Being) that is today refered to as Isikan or Isinkan (one worship of the Supreme Being) because our contemporary Yoruba language usually substitute the sound of letter ‘u’ for letter ‘i’ at the begining of names.”

“We existed on this land for millennial before visitors and travellers from the East, West, North and South began to join us. We accommodated them. We gave them land. Our oral history shows that it was from here that Ifa directed our forefathers such as Oroko, Obalufon, Orunmila and others to step forward and found Inamu. The people of Inoromu in Ife have quarters dedicated to us till today. The Oranfe Olile ina clans in Ife have traced their roots to Isinkan.”

“Isinkan kingdom is a town in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State. It is contiguous to the Akure Kingdom, and shares such a close proximity to the kingdom that visitors may not know that both are traditionally distinct entities. But they are. They are distinct in culture, customs, tradition and history. In the past, the traditional rulers of Oba and Ilara (the famous Kabiyesi Ojopagogo) firmly stated the preeminence of the Iralepo. Even Oba Ademuagun of Akure firmly affirmed that his progenitors met Isinkan as owners of Isinkan land. This is one of the reasons we are clamouring for the return of history to our schools to prevent revisionists from causing troubles and unnecessarily disturbing the peace.”

“For emphasis sake, Isinkan is a separate entity from Akure. Its culture and tradition are different. Though we have been co-existing for long and we will continue to be.”

“Having briefed you a little about Isinkan, your host community, may I reverentially again welcome all our eminent royal fathers to this Pelupelu and to our core business of the day.”

“My Distinguished Royal Fathers, as traditional rulers, we hold the key to the success or failure of security administration in the country because we operate at the grassroots of the society and interact closely with people in our daily activities. We remain in the frontline of stakeholders in the business of peace building in every community.”

“Peace building promotes development which in turn attracts investment to the country. As you are aware, the situation of peace and security in the country today deserves collective approach by the government, the traditional institutions, and the communities.”

“Your Royal Highnesses, I must commend you for the various meetings you have held which I am sure had addressed some of the issues I have raised. “

“In a few days from now, the national population census will take place. It is important that we mobilize our subjects to fully participate in the exercise. Resource allocation in Nigeria is channeled along population sizes. So it is important that we ensure our people are properly counted. We must also ensure that our communities are properly recognized to correct past mistakes. For example, we in Isinkan are making crucial efforts to ensure that Isinkan people are counted as Isinkans, both indigenes and residents. This was the practice when things worked well in Nigeria. At that time, the population census had separate columns for Isinkan and Akure. Due to the vicious attacks on our culture and heritage, the people of Isinkan have demanded a return to the original method. We do not want our population figures added to that of our neighbour.”

“I appeal to other traditional rulers in similar situation to learn from our example and make adjustments.”

“Once again, I respectfully welcome you to this meeting and thank you immensely for your presence.“

No fewer than seventy traditional rulers in Ondo State including first class Obas attended the meeting.

The Obas also toured the territory of Isinkan Kingdom where residents received them with pomp and ceremony.

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