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Purported Claims of Dirtiness in Akure: The True Picture – ZL Global

Mar 13, 2023

For some days now, our company, ZL Global Alliance, has been inundated with calls and messages of inquisitions on why some individuals will be parading and amplifying a fictitious dirty state of Àkúré, the Ondo State Capital. While we have carefully ignored such malicious publications and went about our daily work of keeping Àkúré, Òndó State capital, and other parts of the state clean diligently, it has become imperative to set the records straight so that innocent minds do not get hoodwinked by the antics of those that can be safely tagged as enemies of development.

Our company is responsible for public waste management in Ondo state, and especially, Akure, being the location currently under reference. For the avoidance of doubt, this task covers Airport road to Fiwasaye to Agbogbo, and Fiwasaye to Oba Adesida-Oyemekun to Road Block areas, including Alagbaka axis to Nepa area. These routes have been diligently serviced within the ambit of the dictates of the contract that we signed with the Ondo State Government.

It is instructive to note that we have sacrificially had to cover these routes up to four times daily sometimes due to the failure of the Private Sector Participating companies engaged to service streets and hinterlands of the capital city. This failure has forced many people to resort to taking out their wastes to public waste routes as they see that ZLGA cleans the places every time.

Succinctly put, therefore, the pictures that some faceless elements are brandishing in a section of the media are not just outrightly misleading but also preposterously mischievous. This is because there has not been any day ZL Global Alliance does not go out to do its work efficiently despite obvious challenges.

Effective waste management that will make Akure remain a clean city will, as a matter of seriousness, involve proper enforcement of sanitation laws and compliance of Private Sector Partners with the tenets of their agreement with government. Therefore, there is need for the Ondo State Waste Management Authority to provide the needed leadership in this wise so that the diligent efforts of Public Waste Manager, ZL Global Alliance, does not get dampened by avoidable irresponsibilities.

We therefore urge our friends in the media to please be on the side of the truth and critically investigate the issues beyond the emotional cum sentimental dance of ridicule that some disgruntled elements are engaging in.

For us, we will continue to discharge our duties with utmost commitment and candour in the interest of the people of Ondo State.

Thank you.


Dr. Abiola Bashorun, FCICN
CEO, ZL Global Alliance

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