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OPINION: From House of Reps To Minister: The Unique Journey Of Bunmi-Tunji-Ojo By Ewatomilola Emiola

Aug 30, 2023

As the populace is fast becoming disillusioned with politics due to its murky nature coupled with the horrible antecedents of politicians who had steered affairs of the nation, the trust on these politicians have been obliterated in the minds of many.

The ones freely entrusted with powers based on rhetoric or who firmly hold the grip of leadership through ostensive demagogue worsen the situation through their lackluster performances amidst avalanche of resources provided to turn around the fortunes of some poverty stricken voters who were caught in the noose of the tall talk.

Without a modicum of doubt, no elixir yet to correct the warped notion about politicians who enriched themselves with tax payers’ money at the expense of the masses.

The somewhat taciturn young man in his unsual ways, stormed the political space despite the incontrovertible fact that politics is not seen in his gene. He took people aback with unprecedented achievements in the elongated history of politics.

Bunmi-Tunji-Ojo, a former member of the Green Chamber representing Akoko North East/Northwest Federal Constituency, has proven to be different and has outclassed the “Seniors” already in the league of retired politicians.

His unique foray into politics is akin to that of the commissioning of the apostles who made remarkable exploits.

Bunmi Tunji-Ojo won his election into the Lower Chamber and also broke the jinx of serving two terms by winning re-election despite the obstinacy by some prehistoric political players lacking the requisite knowledge and expertise in politics.

While he was at Green Chamber as the Chairman House Committee on Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Bunmi-Tunji-Ojo reinvigorated trust by doing a yeoman’s job.

When considering project delivery, BTO has effectively overseen the completion of various initiatives, such as the Akoko Anglican Grammar School ICT Centre, Arigidi Akoko, Okota High School Skill Acquisition Centre, Arigidi Akoko, Arigidi to Iye Road, Arigidi to Oke-Agbe Road, as well as donating a 520KVA Transformer to Erusu Akoko and installing a 10,000-liter solar borehole in Ikaram Akoko.

Additionally, BTO generously contributed to the development of infrastructure, including Micro Finance Road, Ogbagi Akoko, Ese/Irun Road, Hon. About Road Ogbagi Akoko, Oyin Oge Road, Ajowa Central Mosque Road, and No.4 CAC Road, Irun Akoko, among other notable projects.

Notably, BTO’s dedication to community well-being is evident through his contribution of 20 motorcycles to the Amotekun Corps, the regional security network in Ondo State. This effort was aimed at enhancing state security and aligning with government initiatives. In a similar vein, Tunji-Ojo previously donated four vehicles to the Nigerian Police Force in the region.

He has also committed to promoting education in Akoko North East/North West, demonstrating this through his donation of educational materials to public secondary schools and the facilitation of modern classroom construction. BTO has provided scholarships to fatherless undergraduates in Ajowa, and he continues to support students by covering school fees and distributing free JAMB forms.

Approximately 6000 youths have received skill empowerment, and an additional skill acquisition centre has been approved for Ogbagi Akoko. During the COVID-19 pandemic, BTO provided essential food items to all communities in his constituency.

Healthcare has also benefitted from his efforts, as he donated 14 ambulances to health centres for prompt medical response. Public hospitals received advanced health equipment through BTO’s contributions.

Recognizing the significance of traditional institutions, BTO donated two 18-seater buses to each local government’s council of traditional rulers as a gesture of appreciation.

BTO’s influence extended beyond his constituency, aiding in the rehabilitation of roads in Akungba, the host of Adekunle Ajasin University. His recent scholarship scheme worth N50 million will support indigent students in his constituency, benefiting around 1000 students.

He recently staked N50m to empower market women in his Constituency, an initiative that has attracted applauds from the nooks and crannies of Ondo.

As he continued to endear himself to the public, Tunji-Ojo was picked by President Bola Ahmed as Minister. Perhaps the President got the wind of the developmental strides of the Ondo-born achiever doing what others couldn’t do.

His capacity has never been doubted on this new task as Minister of Interior, because BTO has the gravitas of a deep thinker.

He is going to throw up surprise as usual, a reason why the incredibly complicated machinations to politically assasinate him on the sponsored NYSC saga inevitably failed.

Bunmi-Tunji-Ojo is going to do it again.

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