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OPINION: Deji’s Mocking of Aketi By Tunde Daodu

Aug 25, 2023

While acknowledging that Aheregbe is a traditional festival of the people of Akure and the need for it to be preserved, it’s main objective needs to be adhered to.

Traditionally, the songs sang by Aheregbe adherents were meant to expose and correct the ills done by individuals in the community. No matter how highly placed.

Sometimes one may have committed a crime or done something that is immoral that one thinks people of the community are not aware of.
On Aheregbe day, the adherents with ears to the ground exposes this immoral act or criminal activities of the culprits.
That is the tradition and nobody should be against that.

But with the case of Keredolu, this has not been the case. Keredolu has not committed any criminal or immoral act. He only fell sick and this is human.

It is not only wicked, devious and inconsiderate to make jest of a sick person, it is also against the tradition and Omoluabi ethos of the Yorubas. It shows the extent of hatred the Palace of the Deji has for Aketi and his Government.

When the guy was singing about all other people, he referred to either criminal or immoral act committed by them. The person that went to jail for two weeks, the one with 6 concubines, the one that looks like “Inaki”, the drunkard etc.
Where else did he mock someone for being sick?

Is sickness an act of immorality or criminal that deserved been mocked?
All those defending the Palace should go and seek the face of God for forgiveness and pray that Keredolu has the large heart to forgive Deji on this evil act.

For a rational and loving person, what should be offered Aketi now is prayers, I mean sincere prayers from the heart and not been mocked.


Mr Daodu, a social Commentator Writes from Akure

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