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Ondo poll: Count me out of Jegede’s adoption —YPP candidate, Ojon

Oct 5, 2020

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The attention of my Party, the Young Progressives Party has been drawn to a news item making the rounds that the party has collapsed its structure for the PDP.

This is a shock that Mr. Eyitayo Jegede considering his mien could go to the extent of telling this public lie to gain acceptance at the expense of the sweat and hardwork of others.

This is not leadership. It is pure deceit.

The Young Progressives Party in Ondo State is headed by its Chairman, Pastor Olubanji Bali.

It is therefore surprising that the PDP could go to the extent of using biro to write the name of a non existent individual and lie to the public that such individual is representing the Young Progressives Party.

Just on Sunday, the public was informed that 10 political parties were planning something like this and how it became 11 overnight with our Party the Young Progressives Party being mentioned is a sign that truly we have done our little best and people want to associate with us.

It has become clear that PDP and its Candidate are not different from the people they criticise and I am saddened that Mr. Eyitayo Jegede who was jumping up and down in a debate just this weekend and painting himself in moral colour could approve this public lie that is capable of destroying another soul.

It is a shame. I must state without shame that my entire life has been invested in this and thinking that I will collapse my structure should be the last thing in the mind of anyone.

We kindly call on our supporters to disregard this and vote for the Young Progressives Party in the coming election.


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