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Ondo 2020: I didn’t write Akeredolu over Jegede —Mimiko

Sep 23, 2020


Dr Olusegun Mimiko did not write, has not written and will not write any letter to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State or any other candidate as we coast home to the October 10, 2020 Governorship election.

Any letter purportedly written by him is fake, tendencious and could only have been the figment of the imagination of the authors.

Any message and or letter in the public domain that is not sent through established channels and or signed by aides of Dr Mimiko could only have been designed by people who are too cowardly and unsure as to put their thoughts out in their names.

We urge the reading public to beware of creators and peddlers of falsehood now that the race for governorship is well defined and clearly in favour of the Zenith Labour Party, the party to which Dr Mimiko belong.

John Paul Akinduro
S.A. (Media) to Dr. Mimiko.

Below is a copy of the Fake letter purportedly written by Dr Mimiko;


My Dearest Odunayo,

I hope that you are doing well in your campaign as I am fully aware of how busy you can be these days and how political campaigns can be tasking if not too hectic!

I have been in your current shoes on occasions that are more than one before.

What about Betty and the children? I should guess that they are well happy! When this is so then I join you to say glory be God, the giver of power, authority and good health.

I have got to discuss certain issues with you absolutely relating to your struggle to go for a 2nd term as governor of Ondo State, the withdrawal of my earlier intention to support you and your very slim chances of winning the forthcoming governorship election in the state come 10th October this year!

Please note that this letter would not have been necessary if you have been picking up the phone for a greater than six months now! Well, I am really not worried about that because to become a governor is not easy at all!

Now, ore, as you already know, I am not supporting you this time. I am supporting my party, the Zenith Labour Party, and its candidate, Mr Alfred Agboola Ajayi who also, by God’s exceedingly gracious mercies, doubles as your Deputy Governor!

I like to set the record straight! I did not make up my mind to support anyone else apart from you until sometime in August this year and you can confirm this from anybody near me or near the ZLP!

When I noticed that you were not forthcoming to seek my usually predictable characteristic support and you took me and our longtime friendship of over 40 years for granted, I waited for Mr Eyitayo Jegede,SAN, of the PDP to come too.

In his characteristic arrogance, he too refused to come over to my house in Ondo(this is where I live and receive my visitors every single day under the sun) to discuss his political future with me. He refused to put the political shenanigans of the 2016 governorship election behind him!

I didn’t know Mr Jegede from Adams until Chief Wole Olanipekun,SAN, introduced him to me when I was searching for an Attorney-General to work with me in 2009!

He didn’t come and I too didn’t bother as I will not beg anyone with my support! Never! Odunayo, never!

As for you, I would still have come to you but for the following details:

1. I supported you at the last minute in 2016 after that stubborn Igbotako boy, Araba Jimoh Ibrahim, locked me and Eyitayo Jegede in Abuja for the last two weeks to the governorship election of that year.

I sincerely felt very insulted that Mr Jegede, my whole Attorney-General and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, did not understand the common principle of law that says that any person who knows that the outcome of a suit in court will affect him or his interest in any way should file to join the suit!

Mr Eyitayo did know this or let me say that he knew it but erroneously underrated Mr Jimoh Ibrahim to his or our own peril at the time! By the way, that already belongs to history now!

2. The students in our higher institutions came to me when you ordered increments in their school tuition fees and I immediately put a phone call through to you begging you to have mercy on them but you refused!

3. The market women came to me so that I might implore you to build more neighborhood
markets for them and I put a phone call through to you but you didn’t pick up the phone.

4. Pregnant women approached me in their numbers to beg me to implore you to continue to allow them to have their babies put to bed for free as it was during my regime but you refused so to do!

They now lay awake at the middle of the night thinking of how to pay the doctors bills! Too bad for those poor women!

5. Our royal fathers, the very custodians of our tradition, told me of how you always harass and intimidate them into undue submission to you.

6. Just yesterday, I met with the artisans’ organisation and they told me you abandoned them.

7. The Ondo State indigenous contractors informed me of how you and your government/family give state contracts to foreigners outside the state.

8. Majority of the members of the Ondo State House of Assembly are really annoyed with you because you have refused to allow them to function because the House’s complex is conveniently housing termites and rodents, not habitable for homo sapients!

9. The people Old Okitipupa Division of Okitipupa, Irele, Ese-Odo and Ilaje are bitterly complaining about lack of electricity supply in the four LGAs.

Please note that I fully accept responsibility for allowing, albeit mistakenly, the situation to degenerate during my time but this is not an acceptable excuse for you not to act.

10. Nobody in Ondo State can say any of my children was noticeably part of my government unlike what obtains in yours where your wife, son and in-laws take center stage and play the role of government business!

Based on some or all of the above, I humbly depart from your excellency until after 10th of October instant as I will like to identify with the people of Ondo State in the forthcoming governorship election.

please note that I still regard our dear friendship as being intact till eternity!

I wish you very well, like always!

DR RAHMA Olusegun Mimiko 8 Years Governor of Ondo State

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