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Off-cycle Polls: Senator Adegbomire Calls for Election Timetable Review

Nov 13, 2023

Off-cycle Polls: Se

The Senator representing Ondo Central Senatorial district, Niyi Adegbomire SAN has called for a review of election timetable that will ensure all litigations arising from the election are concluded before swearing-in.

The federal lawmaker spoke in Akure while meeting with Journalists.

He said an abriged timetable would curb increase in the number of States where off season elections are being conducted in the country.

Senator Adegbomire said though off-season election has come to stay in some states, efforts should made to disallow it from extending to more states by reviewing the election timetable.

“It is democratic for anyone who is not satisfied with outcome of any election to approach the court for redress, the system should make provision for all the cases to be dispensed with by adjusting the election timetable before swearing-in. This invariably will put an end to the issue of off-cycle election in Nigeria. We have started working on that at the Senate.”

The Senator said rehabilitation works will soon begging on Ore-Ondo-Akure road.

While saying the road is due for dualiasation, Adegbomire assured that he would fight for its realization.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture Colleges and Institutions sought the cooperation of the Journalists.

While noting that the people of Ondo State rely so much on Journalists, he charged them to always be facutual and objective in their reportage.

“You are all our friends, as we move into the electioneering period, I want to urge all to put the interest of the state first. The peacefulness of Ondo State is our responsibility.” Adegbomire added.

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