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Isinkan to Celebrate 2023 New Yam Festival on Saturday & Sunday

Sep 14, 2023
The ancient palace of the Iralepo of Isinkan says the annual New Yam festival of Isinkan town has been slated for Saturday and Sunday – 16th and 17th September 2023.
The two days have been set aside by the people of Isinkan Community in Akure south local government area of Ondo State to celebrate the 2023 Ijeshu (new yam) festival in line with tradition .
The grand finale of the festival will take place on both days at Iralepo’s palace in Ita-owa in Isinkan.
According to a statement by the Iralepo Media Team, the first day will feature “Idasu” where young Ladies in procession from farms in Uponno Lila and Itaoniyan will carry tubers of yam on their heads to the ancient palace of the Oba in Isinkan.
This will be followed by the breaking and eating of new yam and the “Ede” traditional dance throughout the night.
On Sunday, the Iralepo, Oba Oluwagbemiga Ajimokunola Olofin-Adimula (Arulewolasi III) will address sons and daughters of Isinkan town, offer prayers and blessings.
Afterwards, the Oba will grant the yearly approval for the serving of the first cooked yams or pounded yam in the kingdom.
According to the Elemo, a Senior High Chief to the Iralepo, Olasehinde Abidakun “This year’s festival promises to be colourful as it has been repackaged to meet international standards.
“We expect tourists and dignitaries from all walks of life to grace the occasion.”
“The New Yam Festival in Isinkan community is an important way of marking the beginning and end of the farming season. It is a celebration of life, accomplishments in the community, culture and well-being.”
High Chief Elemo stated that “It is a taboo to eat the new Yam before the celebration as it is a means of pleasing and appealing to the gods and spirit of harvest for the Supreme Being to bless the land with abundance and thanking God for a bountiful harvest” the High Chief added.

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