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FOR THE RECORD: Analysis of 2023 Governorship Election Results Declared by INEC so far

Mar 21, 2023

The governorship election results;

APC = 15 states 

PDP = 8 states

NNPP = 1 state

LP = 

Inconclusive = 2 states

Of the governorship election results declared so far by INEC

1. APC has lost three states (Kano, Zamfara and Plateau);

2. PDP has lost two states (Sokoto and Benue)

3. APC has flipped two states (Benue and Sokoto)

4. PDP has flipped two states (Plateau and Zamfara).

5. NNPP has flipped/gained one state (Kano)

6. A sitting governor has lost re-election bid in Zamfara.

7. The first and second runners up combined polled more votes than the winners in Taraba and Kaduna. 

8. NNPP’s strong showing (>200k votes) in Taraba blindsided many

9. Highest losing tally: PDP, 719k in Kaduna; APC 890k votes in Kano. 

10. Only one candidate broke the 1m vote barrier:  Mal. Abba Yusuf of NNPP in Kano

11. Highest percentage win: Prof. Zulum of APC, Borno (>80%)

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