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Filthy Akure: Ondo State Ministry of Environment, Others are Responsible – ZL Global Alliance

Jul 18, 2023

ZL Global Alliance (ZLGA), the private company partnering the Ondo state on integrated waste management has distanced itself from failure to ensure cleanliness and proper waste management in Akure, the Ondo state capital and other parts of the state.

The group managing director of the company, Dr. Abiola Bashorun stated this in a statement made available to newsmen on Tuesday in Akure.

There have been reactions in some sections of the media and various bsocial media platforms over the perennial challenge of failure to properly manage waste disposal in ondo state, which has led to the state capital being littered with heaps of refuse on major roads and strategic places.

Reacting to the development, Dr. Bashorun exonerated ZL Global Alliance and pointed accusing fingers to the failure of other waste management companies working with the state government to carried out their duty of making the state capital clean.

She also asked the people of Ondo state to direct their grievances towards the state ministry of environment for not living up to expectations in discharging its duties accordingly.

She said, “Since ZL Global Alliance came into Ondo State, the company has not neglected its duties and responsibilities as explicitly spelt out in the contractual agreements with the state government, principally in the management of public waste and other matters thereto related.

“At this juncture, suffice it to be emphasized that it is not ZL global Alliance alone that is in the business of cleaning Akure, the Ondo state capital. There are indeed some other companies that government is partnering with. It is therefore surprising that at every point in time when these companies are not doing their bid, the name of ZL Global Alliance is always in the mouth of everyone as being responsible for the laxity. At first, we felt it might be because of the magnitude of the company’s image and operations but it has got to a point we must for the umpteenth time clear this issue.

“Recently, it was discovered that rainfall caused serious flooding in several parts of Akure and some other places. It must be noted that these incidences are results of the wrong attitudinal posture of the people, that is, residents of Akure who prefer to dump their waste in drainages and canals instead of working with assigned companies to their areas of residence. That was also responsible for the huge refuse that was permanently residing at the spot in front of Ade Super Hotel which became an eyesore and we at ZL Global Alliance took it up and dealt with it.

“This leads us to the crux of the matter. ZL Global Alliance is a private company that cannot carry out enforcement of government environmental laws. It is the duty of the Ondo State government through the Ministry of Environment and Waste Management Authority to enforce these laws and ensure the cleanliness of the state. The question then arises; what exactly is the state Ministry of Environment and its allied agencies doing in this regard? Your answer is as good as mine.

“I must be emphatic that paying some social media influencers to run down a performing company cannot cover for the ineptitude of a few that continue to hold Ondo State at ransom. Pertinent questions must be asked; where are the other waste management companies supposedly responsible for cleaning every street in Akure? What has Waste Management Authority done in addressing the shortage of these companies and the ineffectiveness of the available ones?

“Meanwhile, one of the issues raised by the co-travelers of those spreading rumors about ZLGA operations in Ondo State is that the company is only interested in collecting money from government. This claim is not just myopic but also grossly uninformed.

“The fact remains that ZL Global Alliance has been operating by obtaining credit facilities from banks and other financial institutions. This is no thanks to the delay the company experience in the release of funds for its operations. It is either the payment is late or entirely paid in far arrears. Where then is this claim that the company is only collecting money from government coming from if not from a myopic mindset?

While we will not join issues with rumor peddlers and falsehood merchandise who take delight in caution disaffection and tension, we like to call on the people of Ondo State to please and please desist from throwing waste into drainages, road separators and other untoward places that constitute dirtiness in the state capital and other places.

“The Ondo State Waste Management Authority as well as the parent ministry, the Ministry of Environment, should also wake up to assigned responsibilities of enforcing environmental laws, rules and regulations. It is not enough to go out only on monthly environmental sanitation days, much more is required”.

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