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Femi Salako @40 & Triangle Magazine @6: THE ROAD HAS BEEN ROUGH, BUT……

Oct 8, 2020

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For six years now, Triangle has been a shinning light amongst its peers, a reference point among magazines. It’s been a tale of hard work, sacrifice, support and advice from people we hold in the highest regard, great men and women whose commitments and contributions cannot overemphasised.

With the incredible sacrifices of these redoubtable men and women, Triangle has been able to weather the storm. Great men and women offered helping hands to us, their doors were and are still always without inhibitions open to us, and we run to them at will. They are never tired or wearied by the incessant hassles we throw at them. They are the biggest tools God has used for Triangle.

Our appreciation goes to Senators and ex-Senators of the Federal Republic, Governors and ex-Governors, Commissioners and ex-Commissioners, journalists, writers; people from different backgrounds and walks of life who contribute(d) in no small measure to the incredible growth of Triangle. We owe you our sincere debt of gratitude. Words fail us: we struggle for the right words to convey our gratitude to you.

At some point, the BBC took notice of the landmarks of Triangle and invited us to the UK. We were at their headquarters and gleaned from their world to improve significantly on our standards. We felt honoured by that singular gesture: we felt proud. And yet, in our moment of elation as we stood on the corridors of dreams that day in the United Kingdom, we did not forget your enormous contributions: your prayers, your impeccable and invaluable advice, and your patronage. They are forever etched in our hearts at Trianglenewsonline.

When we set out six years ago, we did not lust after tawdry glory. We were just moved by passion, by the need to air our voice and see how we could in our own little way contribute to the history of our dear State and country. We were not seeking self aggrandizement. But accolades and trophies have attended our efforts. Time and again, we have been honoured and celebrated. We have received countless awards from great men and women moved by our brand of journalism, our responsible reportage.

At some point, though, we stopped accepting awards. Not because we did not appreciate them or because we resented those who deemed it fit to honour us and fraternize with us, but because we do not intend to rest on our oars.

Triangle is purely born of altruism, service to God and unto humanity. And to my wife, Mrs Bidemi Salako, I will never forget my debt to you. I know that however difficult and rough my journey in life has been, the pains you have gone through and endured are graver. I know it’s not been easy for you to come home after timorous days at the office, only to be greeted by loneliness. I know you have countless times wished I were there with you on the dining table after strenuous days at work.

Thank you for the many pieces of advice, for your many acts of conscience, for our arguments and for words laced with optimism. May we live to enjoy more years together in good health and wealth.

It is worth mentioning that Femi Salako and Trianglenews are two different entities. Femi Salako might be completely political, with biases and sentiments when it comes to political ideas. But Trianglenews is about objectivity and responsible reportage. Little wonder then that it has attained such an enviable height.

I thank the staff of Triangle. They have been such an incredible team and an inexpendable cistern of support. They have been simply phenomenal.

On the occasion of the 6th anniversary of Triangle, I mean it when I say: to everyone who has contributed in no small measure to Trianglenews, we will never forget our debt to you. And may God be with you all.

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