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Believers troop to Ondo Community over Strange signs on Rock

Nov 16, 2020

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For the past three days, Ikare Akoko the headquarters of Akoko north East local government area of ondo state is now a choice destination for Muslims and non Muslims alike as it has been turned to a spiritual tourist centre like Mecca; SUNSHINETRUTH can report.

Our correspondent who visited the saw hundreds of people across the state including Muslims, non-Muslims and in particular some Hausas trooping to have a glance on an arabic inscriptions on mountain and some vegetation around the big rock behind LA primary school Okela Ikare Akoko.

The inscriptions which mean, “Allahu Akbar, Lahilala Illahilahi” saying Allah is great and testimony that prophet Mohammed was His Prophet.

It was gathered that another miraculous sign was a place that solat praying had taken place, while some believers had slept in that over night praying, while some took the vegetation home probably for spiritual healing.

Pix: one of the Arabic signs.

When contacted on this development which continues to atttract visitors daily to the ancient city of Ikare Akoko an Islamic cleric and the chief Imam of Ikareland Sheik Abbas Abubakar said this is not the first time such will happen to show the greatness and oneness of our Creator.

The cleric believed that Allah has many ways to manifest in our lives to remind to turn good and do good always.

He advised people to move closer to ALLAH and pray so that the global challenges can be reduced.

One of the visitors to the scene Mr Yakubu Animashaun a mechanic from Ikare said what he saw was a true sign of the existence of ALLAH.

Yakubu said judging from the exodus of the people which are across religious tribal affinity affirmed the genuineness of the development.

An okada rider Mr Taye Oyileka said he had been making brisk bussiness since the visit to the scene and he wished this to continue.

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