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2020 guber poll: Why ‘oppressed’ Ondo South people should back Agboola

Sep 26, 2020

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A former member of the House of Representatives from Okitipupa/Ireke federal constituency of Ondo state, Hon Mike Omogbehin has given reasons why the people of Ondo state particularly Ondo south senatorial district should support the governorship candidate of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) and state Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi in the forthcoming October 10 governorship election.

Read below his statement issued on September 25, 2020 and SUNSHINETRUTH obtained a copy in Akure.

Hon. Mike Adeniyi Omogbehin wrote !!!

Let me make my position absolutely clear on the next gubernatorial election in Ondo State. Particularly, for those who have been calling to ask why I’ve appeared evasive about who I’m supporting in the election.

I’m supporting HE, Chief Agboola Alfred Ajayi, LLB, BL. If you don’t believe he’s a lawyer, that’s your problem. I attended his call to bar. Former Councillor, Supervisory Councillor, Chairman LG Council, MHR, Chairman house Cmtt on NDDC and currently the Deputy Governor of Ondo State.

A successful businessman outside politics, whose business interests cut acrossed construction, quarry, oil, etc. I know all these because he’s my friend. I’ve listened to his side of the stories and I believe him. I have no reason to doubt his ability to manage affairs of Ondo State successfully, haven managed his life from grass to the enviable position of grace he occupies today.

He’s successful in his marriage and a proud father of equally successful children.

1, I’m supporting Agboola Ajayi because he’s grossly underrated, undermined, humiliated and viciously persecuted. I love underdogs. He shared in my philosophy; There is joy in little beginning.

2, I’m supporting Agboola Ajayi because he’s the only one visible on the ballot from my oppressed southern senatorial district of Ondo State. Evidence abound that occupants of the gubernatorial office tends to develop their district far more than other senatorial districts. It has apparently becomes a turn by by turn phenomenon. It’s therefore the turn of Ondo South.

3, I’m supporting Agboola Ajayi because I do not subscribe to the believes of the proponents of “wait for the next 4 years to take our 8 years”. It’s a defeatist and wicked proposition borne out of their dislike and hatred for this humble and amiable gentleman from Apoi land.

If I may ask, why did Dr. Agagu, my mentor, God bless his soul, not wait for Adefariati to complete his 8 years before contesting and winning in 2003? Why did Dr. Mimiko not wait for Agagu’s 8 years before contesting in 2007, followed it to it’s legal conclusion and took his turn? Where were these proponents when our leader, Chief Olusola Oke contested in 2012 against Dr. Mimiko and didn’t wait for him to complete his 8 years. Chief Oke was also a victim of “it’s not our turn” apostles. We know them, they know themselves.

For me Dr. Mimiko spent 8 years by default because votes where splitted among opposition. Put the votes of opposition together and the story would have been different, that’s by the way. I’m not moved by the possibility of history repeating itself, let Agboola too try his luck, let him take his turn, win or lose.

4, I’m supporting Agbola Ajayi from the southern senatorial district because I do not know what informed the believes that it would be the turn of the southern senatorial district after Akeredolu. What makes it so sacrosanct? So, if Southern senatorial district people can contest in every gubernatorial election in Ondo State since 1999, other qualified and interested people from the rest senatorial districts are daft or hypnotised to give us a free ride come 2023?

Aghan gho! Je ja jawo ni apan ye yo, ja gb’omi ila lena. Aghan ji j’origho wa han n’eni, a ji j’aghan mu dola! History will be harsh to all of you who’re planning to throw away this opportunity from the southern senatorial district, just for your intellectual arrogance and personal aggrandisement.

He can’t speak English, he’s not pragmatic, the last time i checked, none of these your yardsticks are listed in the Nigerian constitution.

When Buhari was approving about $2B for railway line to his kinsmen in Niger, I didn’t see him displaying his PhD. Aghan gun’yan ilema, temi ta ku’o!

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