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Ondo govt repositioning education through digital technology


Mar 2, 2019

Provision of functional education and technological growth; is one of the five cardinal programs of the present administration in ondo state which took over power two years ago.

And through to this, the government has in the last two years been putting the state education sector on the right footing.

Apart from evolving series of reforms to raise the bar of this all important sector, which is believe to be the bedrock of any nation, government is also giving massive facelift to school structures to create a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

A further step in this direction is that government is leveraging on the opportunities provided by the information Communication technology, ICT to ensure the sector copes with the demands of the 21st century.

Recalled that before the administration came on board, technology seemed not to be a critical component of the state education sector.

But on assumption of office, the present administration added science and technology to the name of it’s education ministry, thus  setting the ball rolling for the development of the technological aspect of education.

And as such, a kind of revolution began to reposition the state education sector through technology especially the daily administration of the school system to shed the toga of obsolete and constraining manual way of doing things to dynamic ones.

The latest of this revolutionary drive is the digital reengineering of school systems through an education Management tool that maintains a lifetime comprehensive database for all students in both primary and secondary schools in the state.

It is an online portal that features students registration and information management, grading system, course management and registration, result processing, students attendance in schools among others.

The Information and Communication technology ICT, has no doubt  in the last two decades become a driving force for economic growth and development.

Taking the tracker through the unique features of the innovation, the technical director of quickens computer, limited gideon ogooluwa said under the programme, each student is assigned a unique identification number which help tracks such student’s movement and activities.

With 23 packages embedded in the system, over 200 schools have so far been captured under the programme across the three senatorial districts of the state.

Speaking on this development, the chairman of the parent teacher association, alhaji abimba omoloja commended the state government for coming up with an innovation he believes will position the education for tremendous digital breakthrough.

While given the government a pass mark for driving a robust educational system as contained in the government blueprint to progress, alhaji omoloja pledge said parents will continue to support the government in it’s quest to develop the education sector.

As world is moving rapidly towards digital information, the role of ICTs in education becoming more and more important and this importance will continue to grow and develop in
21st century evolves more innovations.


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