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For the sake of your health, learn to delete and block on social media, by Ikubese

Mar 4, 2019

By Dr Thomas Wilson-Ikubese

o you know that your friends on social media can cause you to develop health challenges?

Every time you make a post, he/she jumps on the thread and makes comments that put bile in your mouth, making you look stupid and spoils the rest of your day!

Often, your heart skips with palpitations whenever you see him/her on your thread, even before you read his/her submission!

You know what? You’re dying gradually!

Sooner or later, you’ll develop psychosomatic disorder, a diseased condition wherein the state of your mind affects your health negatively, presenting with multiple non-definitive symptoms.

The depressing aspect of this condition is that, you may run all the medical investigations available with the results coming out as “normal”, yet you feel so sick within!

The most annoying part of this is that about 90% of the people who constitute your friend list on social media are persons you’ve never met in person!

Many of them are persons you can never be friends with, were you to live in the same neighbourhood because you share no common grounds whatsoever for “friendship”!

Yet, you’re friends on social media and this person is all of a sudden taking the liberty to dampen your psyche and erode your peace at every available opportunity.

And because you just want to be nice, you turn the other way, while he/she takes over your life!

Yes, whoever can control your emotion, is in control of your life!

So, instead of becoming an emotional wreck, under the rod of some fellows who have no meaningful contribution to your life, I’ll advice you to delete the offending comments from your wall and proceed to block the fellow!

Blocking him/her doesn’t make you enemies, for to hold the fellow in your mind as an adversary, while you remain friends on social media, is even a far greater threat to your health.

So, you can block him/her and still reach out to hug each other warmly when you guys run into each other, without much ado, for you mustn’t be friends on social media to be friends in real life.

This prescription is strictly for those who don’t have tough skin to accommodate stress.

But if you can take drama, without it affecting your psyche, then you dont need this advice as every stress becomes unto you a catalyst for humour.

So, rather than become an emotional wreck because of the comment of a friend on social media, activate the buttons for your own good; delete the comment and block the “friend”!!!

NB:This is purely a Medical Advice.

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