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Bandits Rob Commuters Trapped on Owo-Ipele Bad Road

Jun 28, 2023

Many commuters/travellers especially traders have been trapped for about a week now, along Ipele/Idoani/Isua road as the route has become totally impassable for motorists.

It is the same horrible situation on Molege/Elegbeka/Ifon axis of Ose Local Government Area where commuters have to spend eight to ten hours from Ipele junction to Ifon for a journey of less than one hour as many now resulted to crossing from Orita-Ipele to Ifon with Motorcycles otherwise known as Okada charging exhuabitant prices.

The deplorable condition of these roads became more escalated after the recent three days heavy downpour that made heavy duty trucks to fall at several failed portions therefore making the roads impassable especially Ipele/Ifon road.

To this end, many stranded commuters have to park or abandon their vehicles spanning over 25 kilometers on both sides of the roads therefore exposing them to serious danger.

Many of the travellers mostly traders trapped in the gridlock for days claimed they have been robbed by bandits while those who abandoned their cars on roads have their cars vandalized.

Worried by this ugly narratives, the Executive Chairman of Ose Local Government Area, Hon. (Prince) Dennis Adekunle spent about four hours from Idoani to Ipele junction through bush paths as a forester who understands the terrain to access the situation.

After on the spot accessment, the exhausted chairman described the situation as terrible and pathetic.

He therefore called on the state government and Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FEMA) to urgently come to the aid of the road users by repairing all the failed portions to ease the gridlock before embarking in total reconstruction of the roads as Ose Local Government Area has now been totally cut off from the rest of the country now that farmers are approaching period of harvest.

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